Friday, May 9, 2008

New Boots Issues

Blisters From New Boots

You have just bought you new pair of figure skating boots and they are hurting a lot. Beside hurting a lot, one foot hurts more than the other. The first time you’ve used them, you’ve developed some major blisters. Five days later when you went back to the rink, apparently, it seems that more blisters are coming your way. You are wondering if this is normal. If this, is normal for breaking into new figure skates? And if so, how long does it take until the skates are broken into?

It takes about ten or so sessions for the skates to break in completely depending on the individual and the boots. It is totally normal. It happens to everyone. This time around though, I did not get blisters breaking in my boots, I have custom-made boots( Thank you Klingbeil). They are kinder to your feet. If you have to get stock boots, you can use a make up sponge around the part of the foot that feels uncomfortable. There are some popular brands that are adhesive, they cost a little more and are not reusable. The make up sponge creates the same effect. They are flat and round. Boys and girls can use them equally. We’re talking about comfort here. This not the time to worry about what your “macho, insecure pals” will think of you. Cut a small hole in the middle of the sponge and put and put it around the blister it helps.

Depending on the skates, It is VERY normal to get blisters when breaking in some new skates! Don't worry! If you're having problems around the ankle area, you can take your boots to a skate shop and ask them if they could "punch out" the ankles for you. They have a metal tool that they can use to squeeze and stretch the leather, creating additional room for your ankles. It'll take a little while before your skates feel comfortable. When you're starting with them, try not lacing them all the way up. If you're having problems with your ankle, leave the top eyelet unlaced until you feel more comfortable. Also try leaving the top hook undone until you feel more flexibility in your boots. Put on your skate guards and wear your skates around the house in order to help you with the break in process.

If the blisters are very uncomfortable, the best thing you could do, though it does not sound, is to stop skating for a week or so depending on how bad your blisters are. Wear flip flops as much as possible and put on some ointment to relax the blister. Also, if you can, go to a doctor because he or she may provide the best help and care possible for you to apply

Don’t worry! It is completely normal for you to be uncomfortable when adjusting to new boots. The most important thing is to take care of the problem. Put some ointment on your blister and wear flip flops as much as you can in order for the blisters to not get more irritated. Usually it will take a few sessions for your skates to break in. However, if you do not take care of your blisters, your feet will hurt additionally when you put your boots on and it might hinder you skating as you might have to take additional time off from skating in order for the blisters to heal.

Get better fitting skates

Each skater has a preference when it comes to boots. Personally, I find “custom” is the way to go. You are fitted for those boots. They are made for “you.” Yes! there is a breaking process. However, it is not as long nor is it as painful. Just make sure that your skates fit properly and you will be able to avoid such problems. Try getting your boots custom made if you can afford it.


Anonymous said...

I went to Don and got my first klingbeils this christmas and adore them. made a difference in my skating for sure. about one week into skating on them, i decided to leave my bunga pads at home, cuz well i can't skate forever in them! my poor feet. blisters on my achilles tendons, on side above ankle bone and small in front. Is this normal!!?? True, i've had NO issues breaking the boots in. they feel wonderful on my foot. but my skin doesnt seem to agree. any advice. and will the skin callus up?

Guerrelyn Gautreau Sk8r Girl said...

"...blisters on my achilles tendons, on side above ankle bone and small in front. Is this normal!!??"

That's normal for some people. I did not have your issues, however, I had lace-bites. I had to get Bunga Pads. (You will need yours) And, I went to him, he changed the foam from the tongue. It is better now. I know what you mean about Klingbeil's boots. I feel the same way about mine. It is as if he adds some magic or wings to the boots.

BTW He treats everyone like a champion.

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