Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Photos results for Meissner

"Nagasu takes two in a row"

She Better be Flawless Always!

I hope she has no weaknesses. Once She starts showing any flaws, the press won't be as kind. Look at how they are treating Kimmie Meissner on her bad days. She better have perfect programs all the time!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rivalry Aside Get Ready to Make America Proud

Lycasek; Weir :
Get ready to take on the world

Well, since no American man has won the world since Todd Eldredge; I think it is about time you two lads turn that venging energy you have toward each other against the world.



"Westchester's own Katrina Hacker of Dobbs Ferry
Finishes 6th in US Figure Skating"

"Katrina Hacker, 17, of Dobbs Ferry, outskated Kimmie Meissner, last year's national Women's United States Figure Skating Champion Saturday at the USFS Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ms. Hacker, long a fixture at the Westchester Skating Academy was not selected by USFS to compete in the World Championships in Sweden in March because of her inexperience competing internationally."(January 28, 2008)The White Plains Daily Internet Newspaper

A stroke of luck is what I call it. It was not Miss Meissners' night. She has prove herself umpteenth times. She did not just surface out of nowhere. Here record speaks for itself. When Miss Katrina Hacker has achieved half of what Miss Meissner has than there will will be a logic as of now I see none.

"...Meissner will compete for the U.S. in the worlds, even though Ms. Hacker defeated Ms. Meissner in the standings."
Lack of of experience is the least of it. The world knows Miss Hacker on Miss Meissner any half good day would not have held a candle to her(Kimmie). It is Understood Her spirit has to be lifted. Don't celebrate too long because this sens victory will be short live come March.
For now enjoy your drumming, your cymbals your sirens your noise makers and confetti; they will be short lived. Sweden will tell all!

Selecting a figure skating coach

How to choose a figure skating coach

Choosing a figure skating coach can be a lot of work depending on your approach to the sport.
Over time, you will develop a relationship with your coach which at times might make it somewhat difficult to sever the tie if ever the need would become a necessity. There may be a myriad of coaches to choose from, and that can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that coaches are different with their own particular teaching styles. Some are hands-on, while some just stand behind the board and teach.

When you are looking for a coach, while a big name coach might be important to some people, however your concern should be on who can have the work done. While an Olympic coach may be a great skater, he might not be the right one for you; especially if you are a beginner.

The coach's teaching ability is of great importance specially if you are a beginner and especially if you are an adult beginner. A talented coach may be nice; however it is a grater assets to have a knowledgeable coach and one who has patience.
You need a coach who will help you set realistic goals. Some may put more pressure, and might work you harder than another; well, the choice is up to you. At the end of the day you are the one shelling out the money, you know your strength, and your limits.

The following guideline may provide some guidance should you decide on obtaining a figure skating coach. It is only a guide.

1. Is the coach available for my time slot?
Some tend to be very popular due to their efficiency, they may not be available to give you all of the time you need. It The choice is up to you to either stay with that coach or move on. Personally, if he is that good I would find at least one session with him/her

2. What is that trainer's approach toward teaching skating?
This is critical. You have to watch out for the coach who chats too much. You are not there too chat. Usually after being with a coach for a while you've developed a camaraderie; remember your session only last for a certain amount of time. Another thing you must keep in mind is the coach who teaches behind the board as opposed to the coach who is hands on. With the most advanced skaters, the coaches usually stay behind the boards, and calls the pupils to give instructions. However if you are not as advanced, there are times, when you may need you coach's assistance.

3. Finding out from previous students about that coach's prowess is important.
The best advertisements are the one coming from former students.

4. If you have important goals they should be realistic. The coaches don't have ultimate power. You must be willing work hard. Coaches don't carry a magic wand that can make you do the impossible; and no they don't have the power to take you to the Championships. It is all up to your hard work. While you may need some talents in the sports of figure skating, however 90%of it is really determination and HARD WORK

When you're looking for a figure skating coach, it is very important that you find someone that suits your personality. There are different coaches out there. It is important to find someone that helps you reach your goals.
The best coaches are the ones who can prepare you for the different testing levels and competition if those are your goals. They understand the pressure. Figure skating skating is about passion, setting goals, the way it feels. It's the greatest sport in the world for exercise and discipline. Enjoy it!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Real Truth Behind the so Called Tie-Breaker: Weir vs Lysacek

I have admired both Johnny and Evan for long time now. I find them both to be very talented, charismatic, and great skaters. I love Evan for his humility, his technical abilities on the ice, and the way he goes out to the audience.
Johny, on the other hand, I love for his confidence, his artistic talent, and the way he draws his audience to him.

However, as much as I love both gentlemen, I felt Johnny was cheated at the US Championships. I must agree, last season, Johny's performance was nothing to run home about. This Season, however, this gifted and talented young man has proved to himself and reminded everyone else who Johny is and what he can do.

Evan is a hard worker and equally gifted as well. While he was within his rights last season to obtain that title, I feel that Johny was somewhat cheated. As I watch over and over each performance, I still remain convinced that Johny had a better and a cleaner skate. Sure Johny doublefooted a jump, so did Evan. Some might argue that Evan 's foot work was more intricate or more powerful; while others might argue that Johnny's music called for adifferent type of foot woek.. I would put my "Klingbeil" custom boots, which I consider one of my priceless possessions, on the line, to say under different circumstances, the scores might have been different and Johnny would have won the prize. Johnny's outlandish remarks may have jeopadized his title this season.

Hey some of you reading this entry might not like it as well; those of you who are solely Evan worshipers. I love them both; I can tell it like it is. I can keep an objective view. I was not rooting for anyone of them specifically (I can't say the same about the Women Championships though, I had my favorite.). I wanted them both to do extremely well. Whoever had finished valedictorian or salutatorian would have been fine with me provided that the result was fair; and they were both on the podium.

Johnny will be Johnny. He lives by his own rules. That is just his way.

Well, I am a fan of both; I guess this is one of those situations " one can have her cake and eat it too".

Nagasu Crowned New U.S. Ladies' Champion

If she loses some of that luster next year; or within the next couple of years, or, if a newer talent comes to the scene all that banter and those symballs will ceased. The charriots will lose their horses, and the fanfare will be no more.I do recall very , a couple of years ago, those same praises were being sung of Kimmie. How easily do we forget. That is what wrong with America, you're only remembered while you are in the spot light. It is a good thing Kimmie has a good head on her shoulders and did not let all of the "hypes" swell her head. I sure hope Mirai can take the hint from the previous so called "future of U.S. figure skating" as coined by the press; 'cause sweetie the moment you are having a bad season or a bad day, you will become yesterday's news.You're only as good as your performance.The moment there is a sign of a streak or a lack of luster; or the season is not up to the press' expectation, the sweetheart now becomes the stepchild. You're only good while "you're hot ". No pun intended , if you catch my drift.

Leave Kimmie Meissner Alone

The press has been very unkind to Kimmie lately. All of the focus has been on the negative. Not too long ago, it was all hail Kimmie, now, she is being treated like old news. All of these youngsters who are foaming at the mouths now; if they happened to lose some of their luster within next couple of years they will be forgotten just as as well. Kimmie is always number one. It is a hard spot to keep. What goes up must come down. Kimmie has always sets goals which is what skating should be about. Yes it is good to win; and she has never denied that she wants to win, how ever her focus, it appears is to have a clean skate every time she goes out there. I saw and equally felt her disappointments after the Grand-Prix Final and the US Championships. Her composure at the end of her programs revealed all; not because she did not win a medal but because she did not skate clean.The legendary coach Frank Carroll sums it well in the following:
"There's so little room at the top for champions. So you have to get in touch with why you skate. You love to skate, the way it feels. And you set goals and tasks, which is why it's the greatest sport in the world for exercise and discipline and enjoyment."" A victor - even before she takes the ice " Jan 23 St. Paul Pioneer Press

And I find that it has been Kimmie's attitude. So Give the young lady a break; and stop using those comments : "old hat" ; "grandma", and all of these other epithets you guys use. She is a young woman; merely eighteen years of age, with a focus. I wish half of the teenagers in America were as focussed as Kimmie is right now. The media need to grow up.

Letter to Kimmie Meissner

Dear Kimmie

Kimmie, you have a solid foundation. You stand steadfast on the ground, Your edges are well gripped in the ice. With the support of your family, the help of Ms Gregory, your coach, you'll be able to Axel your way out of any obstacle; lutx your way out of any demons; loop yourself out of injuries and glide your way to the top of the podium because just like your family, your fans support and believe in you; and most importantly you believe in yourself.
So don't get sidetrack by the press' negativity. Remember, you are skating for Kimmie; and everything will fall into place. Keep up with your practice, and we will all be in front of the tube rooting for you, because... "yeah you're hot"
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