Monday, January 28, 2008

Leave Kimmie Meissner Alone

The press has been very unkind to Kimmie lately. All of the focus has been on the negative. Not too long ago, it was all hail Kimmie, now, she is being treated like old news. All of these youngsters who are foaming at the mouths now; if they happened to lose some of their luster within next couple of years they will be forgotten just as as well. Kimmie is always number one. It is a hard spot to keep. What goes up must come down. Kimmie has always sets goals which is what skating should be about. Yes it is good to win; and she has never denied that she wants to win, how ever her focus, it appears is to have a clean skate every time she goes out there. I saw and equally felt her disappointments after the Grand-Prix Final and the US Championships. Her composure at the end of her programs revealed all; not because she did not win a medal but because she did not skate clean.The legendary coach Frank Carroll sums it well in the following:
"There's so little room at the top for champions. So you have to get in touch with why you skate. You love to skate, the way it feels. And you set goals and tasks, which is why it's the greatest sport in the world for exercise and discipline and enjoyment."" A victor - even before she takes the ice " Jan 23 St. Paul Pioneer Press

And I find that it has been Kimmie's attitude. So Give the young lady a break; and stop using those comments : "old hat" ; "grandma", and all of these other epithets you guys use. She is a young woman; merely eighteen years of age, with a focus. I wish half of the teenagers in America were as focussed as Kimmie is right now. The media need to grow up.

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