Tuesday, January 29, 2008



"Westchester's own Katrina Hacker of Dobbs Ferry
Finishes 6th in US Figure Skating"

"Katrina Hacker, 17, of Dobbs Ferry, outskated Kimmie Meissner, last year's national Women's United States Figure Skating Champion Saturday at the USFS Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ms. Hacker, long a fixture at the Westchester Skating Academy was not selected by USFS to compete in the World Championships in Sweden in March because of her inexperience competing internationally."(January 28, 2008)The White Plains Daily Internet Newspaper

A stroke of luck is what I call it. It was not Miss Meissners' night. She has prove herself umpteenth times. She did not just surface out of nowhere. Here record speaks for itself. When Miss Katrina Hacker has achieved half of what Miss Meissner has than there will will be a logic as of now I see none.

"...Meissner will compete for the U.S. in the worlds, even though Ms. Hacker defeated Ms. Meissner in the standings."
Lack of of experience is the least of it. The world knows Miss Hacker on Miss Meissner any half good day would not have held a candle to her(Kimmie). It is Understood Her spirit has to be lifted. Don't celebrate too long because this sens victory will be short live come March.
For now enjoy your drumming, your cymbals your sirens your noise makers and confetti; they will be short lived. Sweden will tell all!

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