Monday, January 28, 2008

The Real Truth Behind the so Called Tie-Breaker: Weir vs Lysacek

I have admired both Johnny and Evan for long time now. I find them both to be very talented, charismatic, and great skaters. I love Evan for his humility, his technical abilities on the ice, and the way he goes out to the audience.
Johny, on the other hand, I love for his confidence, his artistic talent, and the way he draws his audience to him.

However, as much as I love both gentlemen, I felt Johnny was cheated at the US Championships. I must agree, last season, Johny's performance was nothing to run home about. This Season, however, this gifted and talented young man has proved to himself and reminded everyone else who Johny is and what he can do.

Evan is a hard worker and equally gifted as well. While he was within his rights last season to obtain that title, I feel that Johny was somewhat cheated. As I watch over and over each performance, I still remain convinced that Johny had a better and a cleaner skate. Sure Johny doublefooted a jump, so did Evan. Some might argue that Evan 's foot work was more intricate or more powerful; while others might argue that Johnny's music called for adifferent type of foot woek.. I would put my "Klingbeil" custom boots, which I consider one of my priceless possessions, on the line, to say under different circumstances, the scores might have been different and Johnny would have won the prize. Johnny's outlandish remarks may have jeopadized his title this season.

Hey some of you reading this entry might not like it as well; those of you who are solely Evan worshipers. I love them both; I can tell it like it is. I can keep an objective view. I was not rooting for anyone of them specifically (I can't say the same about the Women Championships though, I had my favorite.). I wanted them both to do extremely well. Whoever had finished valedictorian or salutatorian would have been fine with me provided that the result was fair; and they were both on the podium.

Johnny will be Johnny. He lives by his own rules. That is just his way.

Well, I am a fan of both; I guess this is one of those situations " one can have her cake and eat it too".

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