Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Selecting a figure skating coach

How to choose a figure skating coach

Choosing a figure skating coach can be a lot of work depending on your approach to the sport.
Over time, you will develop a relationship with your coach which at times might make it somewhat difficult to sever the tie if ever the need would become a necessity. There may be a myriad of coaches to choose from, and that can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that coaches are different with their own particular teaching styles. Some are hands-on, while some just stand behind the board and teach.

When you are looking for a coach, while a big name coach might be important to some people, however your concern should be on who can have the work done. While an Olympic coach may be a great skater, he might not be the right one for you; especially if you are a beginner.

The coach's teaching ability is of great importance specially if you are a beginner and especially if you are an adult beginner. A talented coach may be nice; however it is a grater assets to have a knowledgeable coach and one who has patience.
You need a coach who will help you set realistic goals. Some may put more pressure, and might work you harder than another; well, the choice is up to you. At the end of the day you are the one shelling out the money, you know your strength, and your limits.

The following guideline may provide some guidance should you decide on obtaining a figure skating coach. It is only a guide.

1. Is the coach available for my time slot?
Some tend to be very popular due to their efficiency, they may not be available to give you all of the time you need. It The choice is up to you to either stay with that coach or move on. Personally, if he is that good I would find at least one session with him/her

2. What is that trainer's approach toward teaching skating?
This is critical. You have to watch out for the coach who chats too much. You are not there too chat. Usually after being with a coach for a while you've developed a camaraderie; remember your session only last for a certain amount of time. Another thing you must keep in mind is the coach who teaches behind the board as opposed to the coach who is hands on. With the most advanced skaters, the coaches usually stay behind the boards, and calls the pupils to give instructions. However if you are not as advanced, there are times, when you may need you coach's assistance.

3. Finding out from previous students about that coach's prowess is important.
The best advertisements are the one coming from former students.

4. If you have important goals they should be realistic. The coaches don't have ultimate power. You must be willing work hard. Coaches don't carry a magic wand that can make you do the impossible; and no they don't have the power to take you to the Championships. It is all up to your hard work. While you may need some talents in the sports of figure skating, however 90%of it is really determination and HARD WORK

When you're looking for a figure skating coach, it is very important that you find someone that suits your personality. There are different coaches out there. It is important to find someone that helps you reach your goals.
The best coaches are the ones who can prepare you for the different testing levels and competition if those are your goals. They understand the pressure. Figure skating skating is about passion, setting goals, the way it feels. It's the greatest sport in the world for exercise and discipline. Enjoy it!

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