Monday, January 28, 2008

Nagasu Crowned New U.S. Ladies' Champion

If she loses some of that luster next year; or within the next couple of years, or, if a newer talent comes to the scene all that banter and those symballs will ceased. The charriots will lose their horses, and the fanfare will be no more.I do recall very , a couple of years ago, those same praises were being sung of Kimmie. How easily do we forget. That is what wrong with America, you're only remembered while you are in the spot light. It is a good thing Kimmie has a good head on her shoulders and did not let all of the "hypes" swell her head. I sure hope Mirai can take the hint from the previous so called "future of U.S. figure skating" as coined by the press; 'cause sweetie the moment you are having a bad season or a bad day, you will become yesterday's news.You're only as good as your performance.The moment there is a sign of a streak or a lack of luster; or the season is not up to the press' expectation, the sweetheart now becomes the stepchild. You're only good while "you're hot ". No pun intended , if you catch my drift.

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