Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's Never a Dull Moment

Figure skating is probably one of the healthiest forms of exercise. It is never too late to start figure skating. As a skater, you learn self-discipline, close attention to detail and the importance of practice. Even if you have never skated, and if skating is a goal you would like to achieve, getting out there and taking some lessons can bring you to the point where you can make it around the rink without falling. Who knows, you may even think of competing one day! The ISU has an Adult Track in which "we" can compete as "elite" skaters do. As an adult skater you can compete at Nationhals, and Worlds.

Skating involves the use of three primary joints: knees, ankles and hips with assistance from the arms and shoulders. Muscles and tendons support provide stability to your joints. A skater needs to strengthen all of their lower body muscles in order to support the multi-joint movements of the knee, ankle and hips in skating. Muscle flexibility parallels the importance of muscle strength. This can be achieved through strength and conditioning training. If you ever want to become serious, then you should get involve in Off-Ice training which can be a combination of strength training, Yoga, Pilates, (and Ballet).

Figure Skating is another way to keep active and fit. Grace belies its difficulty. Just imagine yourself being able to create art on the ice, your self-confidence will skyrocket; and so will your self-esteem. Adult skaters also enjoy acquiring new skills and the challenge of improving their performance. You can burn about 250 or more calories in 30 minutes of figure skating depending on your weight. During figure skating you are using a number of muscle groups : abs, calves, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Figure skating can improve your mental health as well; when you are on the ice there is this sens of freedom. I know with some of the exercises my coach does with me on the ice, it feels as if a child frolicking in the park; being on the ice is relaxing. You can feel like a kid again.

Another upside of adult figure skating is the social aspect. The camaraderie is exhilirating. Not only your social circle multiplies, you get to meet other adults who enjoy and share your passion for the sport. It is a different world. You can never bore anyone about the latest news in skating. Everyone is on the same page; regardless of who their favorite skater is.

Before you go on the ice to skate, warm up your muscles and stretch them. This can go a long way to prevention injury

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