Friday, February 8, 2008

Push Dick's Button Vs. The Truth Booth

The truth booth, based on a feature in some reality shows, is a place where the skaters talked about their performances. With no one to ask questions, the skaters just rambled on. This technique allowed Johnny Weir, Kimmie Meissner and others to make comments about how they view their program that particular evening. On the other hand, on NBC's USA Network, during the Winter Games 2006, the network had introduced a segment called "Push Dick's Button." Mr. Button gets a nightly e-mail question and the answer session occured during the competition. Some previously selected key questions were answered. I find the "push Dick Button" session very informative. The viewers did obtained some good information; as opposed to the truth booth session.

Dick Button was underused and misused during the U.S Champioships. I would have loved it if they had him do a push Dick's button series with viewers asking questions as he discusses hot topics in skating for instance the scoring system; and how he finds it "constipated, and contrived". Dick's comments and suggestions have always been very helpful to the athletes as well as the viewers.

Over the years, the elite skaters have always paid attention to Mr. Button's constructive criticisms. They have used his comments as a guide to make corrections on elements that needed to be refined. I recalled one of the comments that Dick had made about Kimmie Meissner and the use of her arms in which the pundit had mentioned that she imagined or picture a big beach ball as she skated backwards since she had her arms going in all directions; and Kimmie had taken heed and had apparently fine-tuned and as result the problem was fixed. The elite skaters are keen to his observations; and as if he is "E F Hutton", they listen. Once he makes a recommendation, it is followed.

NBC's "truth booth" was stupid and a waste of time. It was a flop. We are calling for the return of "push Dick Button". NBC should lose lose the Truth Booth all together. As far as the truth booth, it appeared that most of the skaters didn't know what to say or felt it was silly. It was interesting to hear what their thoughts were however. A montage format of the truth booth would have worked well I'd say.

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