Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Real Truth Behind the so Called Tie-Breaker: Weir vs Lysacek Part II

"...particularly USFS Rule 3435 -- are vague enough to allow at least two interpretations of what formula could be applied to make the calculations. One interpretation would have given Lysacek one fewer point in the free skate and made Weir the winner." Vagueness in rules tripped up Weir Philip Hersh February 2, 2008

Being a fan of both Evan and Johny, being that it did not matter which one one of them won the prize, provided that they both made the podium (1,2); however, I felt a bit perturbed that this time around the prize had gone to the wrong person . They had both skated with vigor, determination, Passion, and hunger. They both had committed some errors on their jumps. While some would argue that Evan's foot work was more intricate, Johny's music required different kind of foot work; it all depend on who is watching...or who is "JUDGING"

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