Monday, February 4, 2008


Kimmie Edges Out Pam.

Callaghan is an excellent coach. He is renowned. Kimmie has grown a lot; both physically and athletically ; the time has come for a change in her career. Pam did bring her to the point at which she is right now; however, a plateau has been reached. And, Callaghan is the one to get her over that hump. She has found the right team inn Eldridge and Callaghan.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I am sure we will see a growth in Kimmie that we will appreciate. Wether she makes the podium at worlds’ or not (I am quite sure that is the goal), I am positive that Miss Meissner's performances will definitely improve. In turn she will make herself and America proud. The noise makers will sound once again; the horses will be stationed in front of their chariots, the confetti will be shredded, the instruments will be oiled; the crowd will be ready grinning ear-to-ear awaiting as they rubbed both hands together in anticipation of the fallen star of figure skating who has made a comeback .

Seeing the kind of never ending humility this young lady possesses; she will not chide at the naysayers who had been pessimistic when the chips were down; she’d probably say... “I was determine to prove to myself I can do it because the adversities provided me with the determination to push my self further in order to reach my goals.”

Worlds are rapidly approaching and we may see a more polished Kimmie will be the following season. I am positive that the American teams, especially the women, will deliver, and we won't be disappointed. And, our three spots will be secured for next year's team; it will definitely include Kimmie if her decision is to be on that team.”

Callaghan is an excellent coach. Kimmie is a hard worker. The change might be what she needs. Change for good is good. It worked well for Johnny Weir. Kimmie is conscientious and responsible. She does not pass the buck; she recognizes her mistakes. She works diligently.

Different skaters have used different coaches in the past in order to broaden their exposure. Brian Boitano has always worked with a different coach in the summers off seasons in order to broaden his skills. Sometimes a different coach with different methods can be what a skater needs to improve in the areas in which they are lacking.

Callahan is a jump specialist he is definitely what Kimmie needs. He should be able to help. He is a no-nonsense coach, a technical specialist, who has coached Lipinski to gold at the Nagano Olympics. It goes without saying that something is definitely wrong. Kimmie is not getting the height on her jumps and has lost confidence in them. Part of the problem may that her body is changing and with it her center of gravity. Kimmie needs to regain her balance. She may just need time to adjust; or maybe she needs to talk to a sports psychologist. She can't leave any stone unturned. Coach Callahan has come to the rescue, and he should be able to address most of the issues. The rest is up to Kimmie!

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