Thursday, February 21, 2008


As with any competition Kimmie is involved in, I usually don’t watch until after I’ve read about the results; or I can fast forward my “Tivo” to the scores to see her standings. Then I decide how to watch that particular event. But this competition was unusual, I had no choice but to endure the anticipation of being in the crowd; part of it. However, it was still too nerve wrecking to watch.

Kimmie was the last to skate. Once she had performed, she sat patiently awaiting her scores. However, her body language spelled anticipation; meanwhile, the commentators, while the viewers and the audience were on an edge, felt compelled to comment on Kimmie’s past performances, from the good ones to her recent “disasters.” Soon everyone stood, wondering what was taking so long; I heard some people say that they were tabulating the scores, while others said they were counting her jumps. This part alone should have told me something was strange because this is not the norm.

A reporter came to the crowd speaking on behalf of Kimmie, proudly saying how he knew she had it in her, when another one of Kimmie’s fans pulled out a recent article written by this fellow discrediting Kimmie. Anticipation had kept me from watching Kimmie’s actual performance. It meant too much. However, my gut reaction was that she had won! I started to dance around, some people chanted with me, others clapped. While some glared. The scores had not come out yet. However, there was this feeling in me that she had won! After all she is a winner!

Soon after the party had simmered down, there was a disquiet in the large arena; Kimmie was being interviewed. She had regained her "World Title." It was exhilirating!

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