Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Katrina Hacker is a Star on the Rise

Since I had not really seen The US Championship in its entirety as result of my "mourning", I hadn’t really seen Katrina Hacker in action. However During the Four Continent competitions, I had my chance, and she did not disappoint.

When compared to the more polished Kimmie, Emily, Yu-Na, or Mao, there is still some improvement to be made, but given her beautiful performance at Four Continents: the air position on her jumps, the way she travels across the ice, she just skates beautifully. Her free skate was deliberate and clean. She displayed a nice attitude position into a straight leg position to a lay back. She delivered a splendid program, very artistic; something most programs have been lacking since the introduction of the new judging system. I was very pleased with her performance. Her free, clean, skate has left me with the nagging thought that, just maybe, it might have been a better decision to have included her in the World Team (Kimmie, Ashley, Katrina). Last year, despite the outcome at the Nationals (Meissner, Hughes, Cyzny), I had a nagging feeling that, the World team might have been a better team had it been Meissner, Hughes, and Liang since Cyzny has not been consistent. Well, I am having the same nagging feeling this season; that Hacker would have been a better addition to Meissner and Wagner as opposed to Liang. She (Katrina) has proven how consistent she can be at both Nationals and Four Continents. She was mesmerizing to watch. She was not just "jumping" around. There was an art to her skating.

I really enjoyed Four Continents; and would have prefered a U.S sweep. However, it was a different pressure. Kimmie was not competing. I did not have any favorites. It was equally the same in the men’s competition. Except, I really wanted Evan to win (or Carrirere, or Abbott). However, it was not your usual teeth grinding, spellbinding, couch gripping competition . . . something was missing or was it that someone was not there . . . Now I get it . . . Johnny had withdrawn!

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