Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Show The "World" What You're Made Of Kimmie

2006 World champion Kimberly Claire Meissner has nothing to lose at the world figure-skating championships, which will begin next week in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is not the hunted. She is the hunter.

Hopefully Kimmie has learned something valuable during this season. That is, not to let the pressure get the best of her. I have read articles in which she has declared that she feels no pressure, I hope you really feel no pressure Kimmie, because the press has bestowed it on you.

As you leave for The World Championchips I would like to leave you with the following:


Shut down all previous performances.
Don’t let the audience reaction to a performance prior to yours get in the way of your own.

Be confident in knowing you can put down a solid performance.
Don’t get nervous, it will take away from your ability to perform the way you can,
which is your best.

You are in striking position for gold at the worlds this year. You can pull an upset. You have done it before. You have to good programs; you just need to keep your “cool Kid.” You’ve come from behind and worked your way up before. Now you have no where to go but up young lady, and with our support, your fans are there to hoist you up the flag pole.

Regardless of which group you skate in, wether you draw to skate in the first or in the final group, don’t allow yourself to think too much, about the other skaters. Remember, it is all about Kimmie (“yeah you’re hot”) Don’t let it get the best of you.

Your objective is to stay consistent and relaxed. Don’t allow yourself to get uptight; just focus. You can say a little prayer. However, DO NOT concentrate on the outcome of the others who have skated before or after you.

At Nationals, during your free skate, I saw a nervous Kimmie, remember to keep“cool Kid” and go out there and give the skate of your life. “You gotta believe”. You need to keep that attitude when you go in to the world championship."



Aaron said...

I don't believe there to be any better advice than that!

Katrina said...

I love Kimmie but just thought I'd give you an update on Worlds in case you hadn't heard:
Poor Evan

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