Thursday, March 20, 2008



The purpose of the new judging system was to eliminate cheating especially after that debacle at the Olympics concerning Peltier and Salle; however since the US dance team suffered a fall at World, and according to some reporters, the team was not penalized harshly enough. And now, the Canadian pair team who won the bronze feels something went awry with their score, resulting in some Canadian newspapers screaming foul play.

According to,(The Toronto Star march 2008) The judges merely Skillful, subtle handled the situation by giving the couple a mandatory deduction and yet granted them enough points to at least keep them in the hunt. And no one is the wiser. This is a grave accusation, Mr. Ciquanta. According to the paper in question, they (Belbin&Agosto) were not “whacked” enough, despite the almost unthinkable fluke in their routine. While their Canadian team mate Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir feel sympathetic that the Americans didn't have their best skate, The Toronto Star is alluding that the reformed scoring system that was supposed to stop that kind of fraudulent, illegal, deceitful act failed.

However, the accusations did not stop there. After the pairs’ free skate in which the Canadians have earned the bronze medal, the same tabloid is screaming foul play once again. According to Rosie Dimanno, the sport columnist for the Toronto Star, Dube&Davidson were the best performers on the ice, they had the cleanest, nearly flawless skate, they had the loudest applause.

But despite all of this phenomenal performance, the gold, according to Dimanno went to the “rattled, sloppy and disgracefully German tandem of Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy.” Ms Dimanno feels that the pair’s“side-by-side falls on triple Salchow, a blooped opening combination and a death spiral on its deathbed.” They did not merit the honor of the Gold medal. Canada deserved it far more. According to her, their performance was flawless.

Apparently, Ms Dimanno has the upper hand. She their witnessing all of this, and I am confined to the electronic prints that my PC has granted me until I get to see for my self the real thing on the big tube. Until then, I have to rely to sour grapes, to second hand reporting.

However if it is true, there were cheating involved, it will only prove that most of us have been right all along; that is, there was nothing wrong with the old system. It can only be hope that the problem if there is any is fixed; or better yet, it can be used as a catalyst to bring back a more refined version of the 6.0 which will eliminate the cookie cutter programs brought by the Code Of Point system. Bring back art in figure skating; and leave the jumping (contest)jacks for the play yard.

I will go as far as saying this reporter has some sour grapes. Apparently, she is the only one with a grievance. I will draw my own conclusion once I watch it on TV. I am almost sure if there were shenanigans at the Championships, the media, including the fans will call foul!

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