Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Get Hooked On Figure Skating

You are never too old to figure skate, however if your thinking about making it to the Olympic games there may be some concern depending with the age in question. Skating can be a relaxing and an enjoyable pastime for young and old alike. However, the sport of figure skating involves a lot of stamina, flexibility and strength. If the aim is to compete at international or world standards then really the sooner you can get onto the ice the better. Then, stop commiserating about your age. Are you back from the rink yet? Figure skating is an enjoyable way to get fit and have a lot of fun as well. It is freedom. It is exciting. Anyone at any age can enjoy figure skating.

Even if you have not started young, don't despair! With determination, the right attitude and the will to succeed, anything is possible. If you would like to give figure skating a try, enrolling in group lessons would be a smart move. It’s great to get instant feed back. The best thing is to have fun and be safe.

Basic figure skating moves can be equally easy and difficult to master. There are off days as well as good ones. With lots of practice, it is possible to become quite accomplished. If you wish to learn figure skating at a competitive level then it is important that you get a coach that you can trust, one that you can work with.

I am telling you this once and for all: There is no such thing as too old for figure skating. Ninety percent of figure skating is passion and determination which translate in how much time you spend on the ice.

If you are continuously thinking about it, or finding ways to improve yourself, reading about it, watching the competition umpteenth time on your Tvo over and over thinking, watching so much, somehow, those elements will transmit into your body. If you find yourself wanting to be at the rink at every waking moment to practice, then you are NOT TOO OLD.

You need the right combinations: perseverance, determination, and passion, you will need those especially when you are having an off day. Those days do appear at times. That is when you will go home angry, and frustrated, because you were doing fine and all of a sudden there is a glitch.
However, the next day, you lace your skates up and back for more. SO NO ONE IS EVER TOO OLD FOR ANYTHING, especially if you have determination, desire, and passion.

The sense of achievement will give a tremendous boost to your ego. The main thing is to enjoy your moments on the ice. After all that is why you are there isn't it? I always believe that if you are doing something that you are truly enjoying then you are going to want to improve your skills to get the most out of it.


Elyssa said...

hello! I just found your blog this evening, and I really like it. Your article ("NO! YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD!!") is really inspiring to me. I am 15, and I thought that I was too old to learn how to skate properly and well. While I do not have Olympic or even high-level competition dreams, I really would love to learn to skate. So, I have Google'd local skating rinks, and will hopefully be starting group lessons this September. My one issue is the fear of being in a class with 7 year olds who will point and laugh at the 15-year-old who can't skate, but it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make in order to skate. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it. Thanks!

Ice Mom said...

Thanks for writing this. My daughter is a bit old by conventional standards (she's 12), but she loves skating and has so much heart. She is on the ice every moment that she can be on it. I don't know how far she'll go, but I always tell her that bit about shooting for the moon. If you miss, at least you'll land among the stars.

Laura said...

Nice post. I think your blog is great and I am going to list it on my blog roll if that's ok!

pascale said...

To elyssa,
I started skating at 15 and absolutely love it. I've only been having weekly half hour classes plus practice time for 5 months- I'm 16 now and am up to the seventh level. I'm also one of the youngest people in my class. The group classes that are on at night time are usually the ones that have more teenagers and adults learning. My advice: buy your own skates, it is way slower and harder learning on rentals.

OLED said...

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Chesca said...

Hi! I just read this when I was in the middle of doubting my abilities. To tell you the truth, I have a very low self esttem, self confidence. I never believed that I can be good at something. Then I watched a skating video and decided that I will be good in this sport. Whatever happens, I will do my best. So I started taking lessons. It was hard at first but eventually, I passed the first level and I'm proud of myself. Before I take lessons, my mother told me that Michelle Kwan, Sacha Cohen and those ladies who are known becuase of this sport are good because they started to take lessons when they were still kids. I'm 14 years old now and becuase of what she said, I felt bad because maybe I'm too old for it. Well, thank you for posting this. You have inspired a lot of people around the world wanting to be good in this sport and also in other sports. So, I thank you for this and I owe you my achievements in skating. If not for this, I would not have the courage to go on and reach for my dreams

hannah said...

to chesca
your mum is wrong by far my grandad used to say that but i did not listen to him and i went for it i started ice skating when i was 12 and now i am 14 and soon im going for an end of seasons compitition in july 6th 2008 and i have now passed my gold and im am soon going for my level 1 above gold and just a little while ago ifound out that one of the ice skating teachers started skating when they where 14 and now they are teaching.so im so glad you went for it and if you love it enough you will get far.

iblog said...

Chexk out these skaters who started "late" and made it to world championships:


Anonymous said...

One of my friends already told me about this place and I do not regret that I found this article.

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